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Cast'n play – Dwarven legacy - resin figurine – Boar-Steeler Riders

Cast'n play – Dwarven legacy - resin figurine – Boar-Steeler Riders

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base size

Description of the figure

Charge into battle with the Boar-Steeler Riders, dwarven warriors mounted on fierce boars, who embody the might and daring of their people. Inosh, armed with his spear and shield, is the embodiment of bravery, ready to break through enemy lines. Nezimig, with his sword raised, represents dwarven battle rage, ruthless and precise. Bhammon, spear in hand, is agility personified, an impenetrable scout on the battlefield. Together, these riders form the most feared cavalry in the entire underground kingdom.

General informations

Figure dimensions:

height: 60mm

Base dimensions:

Diameter: 50mm

Material of the figurine:

ABS resin Like

Color of the figure:


**Note :

See the following link for any questions regarding delivery, figurine processing and sizing:

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