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Lord of the print – Others – resin figurine – Wight necromancer

Lord of the print – Others – resin figurine – Wight necromancer

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Description of the figure

The Necromancer is an embodiment of power and mystery. This resin figurine, finely crafted by "Lord of the Print", depicts a dark mage whose simple posture evokes the dark arcana and the manipulation of lost souls. Clad in armor adorned with occult symbols and wielding a sword that seems to whisper ancient curses, this master of shadows is a captivating piece for any collection.

His coat flies behind him, suggesting an urgency and power that defies mortality. The detail of each element - from the folds of his clothing to the merciless features of his face - is designed to immerse the observer in a story where death is only the beginning and power is acquired in the realm of specters .

General informations

Figure dimensions:

Height: 42mm

Base dimensions:

diameter: 25mm

Material of the figurine:

ABS resin Like

Color of the figure:


**Note :

See the following link for any questions regarding delivery, figurine processing and sizing:

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