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Lord of the print - Darkness Corrupt - resin figurine – Hellhound

Lord of the print - Darkness Corrupt - resin figurine – Hellhound

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Base ladder

Description of the figure

The Cerberus of the Underworld, a nightmare remnant from the Darkness Corrupts collection by Lord of the Print, is a gripping representation of evil incarnate. This fearsome canine figurine is sculpted with precision that pays homage to its ruthless and savage nature. Every muscle and every spine of his twisted figure evokes the flames of the abyss from which he seems to emerge. The beast's gaping jaws and sharp fangs suggest an insatiable hunger for lost souls. Ready to leap from its rocky base, this hellhound is a powerful and intimidating addition to any collection, calling to mind ancient legends of shadow guardians and forbidden portals.

General informations

Figure dimensions (Hellhound non alpha)**:

Height: 30mm

Length: 80mm

Figure dimensions (Hellhound alpha)**:

Height: 42mm

Length: 85mm

Base dimensions (basic)**:

Diameter: 50mm

Material of the figurine:

ABS resin Like

Color of the figure:


**Note :

See the following link for any questions regarding delivery, figurine processing and sizing:

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