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Lord of the print – The Chromatic Cataclysm – resin figurine – Cultist

Lord of the print – The Chromatic Cataclysm – resin figurine – Cultist

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Resin figurine to paint. If you are passionate about painting and modeling, don't hesitate! can make a great gift.

At IGMLCréations, we strive to produce your figurines at the lowest possible cost without compromising quality.

Please note, we sell the figurines unpainted as in the images. However, the supports are removed and the figurine is cleaned and UV-treated!

There may nevertheless remain some traces of supports (very minimal), it is up to you to remove them.

The figures and bases are not glued so that it is more practical for you. They are entirely made of gray resin!

We have several years of experience in 3D printing, whether for figurines or otherwise (particularly in FDM printing).

You can trust us in the quality of our products, as evidenced by the various reviews on our store!

//======= FIGURINE INFORMATION =========//

//========================================= //

Enter the realm of the enigmatic with the Cultist figurine from the Chromatic Cataclysm Collection by Lord of the Print. This exquisite model is a reflection of dark and mystical devotion, designed for those looking to add a touch of the occult to their collection or gaming table.

The figure reveals a cultist clad in robes adorned with runes and intricate designs, suggesting allegiance to chromatic forces. His raised arms not only illustrate his devotion but also serve as a catalyst for the imaginary rituals a player can invoke as part of a roleplaying session. The hood that obscures his face lends an air of anonymity and mystery, inviting speculation about the secrets he holds.

Name: Cultist

Creator: Lord of the print

Collection: The Chromatic Cataclysm

Basic dimensions: approximately 36mm in height, base 25mm ("dagger attack" version).

//==================================== //

We make sure to offer the maximum number of generic dimensions per figurine during your consultation (the size indicated is the size of the base, the figurine is adapted accordingly).

But if you want a precise dimension, do not hesitate to contact us by PM, or via the "customization" button available on our store.

If you want several figurines of the same model and you see that the remaining quantity is limited, do not hesitate to send us a message: the figurines are made to order.

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Obviously, we hold the appropriate commercial licenses allowing us to print and sell these figurines to you! for more information, do not hesitate to check out the patreon / MMF of each creator:

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