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Witchsong Miniatures – resin figurine – Divine Dulahan

Witchsong Miniatures – resin figurine – Divine Dulahan

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Description of the figure

Discover the Divine Dullahan, the spectral sentinel of the Forbidden Lands, an exquisite creation from Witchsong Miniatures. This figurine captures the essence of an entity as mysterious as it is fearsome, a headless warrior armed with a celestial sword engraved with ancient runes. His dynamic pose on the rubble of a forgotten battle evokes epic stories where courage defies eternity. Clad in ornate armor, this Dullahan appeals to lovers of mysticism and folklore, ready to take pride of place at the heart of your darkest dioramas or lead your armies in the most intense strategy games.

General informations

Figure dimensions (basic)**:

Height: 230mm

Base dimensions (basic)**:

Diameter: 100mm

Material of the figurine:

ABS resin Like

Color of the figure:


**Note :

See the following link for any questions regarding delivery, figurine processing and sizing:

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